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Truth and Logic, Pal (and Swiss Rolls)

A Miles Edgeworth, Kay Faraday and Dick Gumshoe community

Miles Edgeworth † Kay Faraday † Dick Gumshoe
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Welcome to truthnlogicpal, the community dedicated to the relationship of Miles Edgeworth, Kay Faraday and Dick Gumshoe from the game series Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (or more specifically, Gyakuten Kenji/Ace Attorney Investigations)! No matter what shape, form or level their relationship might take, we love them, and that's what matters!

But of course, no matter how much we love them, we go by quite a few rules.

† Rules †
1. Any and all posts made in this comm must be related to our favorite prosecutor-thief-detective team. Gumshoe + Miles, Gumshoe + Kay and Miles + Kay are permitted too (in any shape, form or level), as well as anything that has to do with any one of them, as long as they are the main focus.

2. But even with that rule, please don't spam the comm with OMIGOSH I LOVE THESE GUYS ALEFKJAL;DJKF;ALD <3 or anything of the sort. We appreciate it whenever someone shares the love, but don't make Miles's extremely logical mind cry. That means no introductory posts unless you've got something else to share in them, and no chtspk or 1337. Sal Manella, this means you

3. No bashing of characters, pairings or anything...or anyone. Remember that there is a difference between constructive criticism and outright bashing.

4. All images and big blocks of text are to be placed under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to make one, learn. You can make a thumbnail of your art though~

5. Keep all mature (NC-17/R) content under a cut AND lock your entry so only members can view it. Don't forget to put warnings.

6. Tag your entries. There is a list of tags for your convenience, but if you're unsure, just say so.

7. All spoilers for AAI or any Ace Attorney installment are to be placed within cuts and labeled with warnings accordingly.

8. Obviously posting fanwork is more than welcome, but if you are posting fanwork that isn't yours (especially if you're going to share doujinshi), credit the original author/artist. If you don't know them, indicate at least that the work is not yours. Claiming someone else's masterpiece as your own is a very grave offense.

9. In line with submitting fanfiction or fanart, please post the following (this is just a rough guide; you don't have to strictly follow it, but it will give you an idea as to what information you must provide) -

Rating: (K, K+, T, M, or G, PG, PG-13, R-13, R-16, R-18)
Warnings: (Violence? Mature content? Spoilers? Undead, bloodthirsty cravats?)
Summary (for fic):

10. Media sharing posts are strictly members-only posts. This includes doujinshi, fan soundtracks, etc.

11. If you want to affiliate, comment on this post with your community. Note that we only accept Ace Attorney comms as affiliates.

† Your Loving, Eccentric, Graphics-Poor Mod †

P.S. Yes, you may have run into me (as Kay Faraday) on dear_mun proposing this idea.

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