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austere_flare in truthnlogicpal


Kay, Miles and Gumshoe's relationship would be...

The perfect investigation team
Friends, thick as thieves
A romantic threesome
Other (you might want to explain)

It would be awesome if you guys could also comment and explain your answers (especially if you see their relationship in more than one way). =3

As for me...it would be like friends bordering on family. I love how Miles may seem distant at first, dealing with Kay on strict serious-business terms, but you can see that he genuinely cares for her (especially when he chides her, or when she tells him that he has no sense of fun). Add Gumshoe, who looks up to Miles and looks out for Kay, and it's like she has a dad and an uncle...and at the same time, two close friends.

...I'd make this more tl;dr but I have FINALS XD And, I kept the spoilers to a minimum. If you're going to make spoilery comments, please put warnings. ^^ Just in case.




I agree with you. I'd say Franziska fits in there too, as a kind of surrogate aunt or sister for Kay (and sister for Edgey and business partner with Gumshoe).

I don't see anything romantic/sexual with them, especially since Kay is underage, and yeah, not going there. So definitely great investigation trio/family.
I'm not sure what I think. Obviously, there's a very close bond between the three of them that goes considerably beyond any kind of a working relationship (although I suppose Edgeworth would go to great lengths to deny caring about Gumshoe). I got the impression from the game that Kay's got a pretty big crush on Edgeworth, although I'm not sure in what capacity he views her. I think Gumshoe and Kay have almost a sibling rivalry going on when it comes to fighting to be by Edgeworth's side. I guess in a way it's familial, it's friendly, and while it's not strictly romantic, I see some amount of potential for it between Kay and Edgeworth.

All of the above. <3

Feels odd reviving but happy to see this comm.

I feel odd necroing this but I'm so glad to see a community involving these three since I got started on this particular game and going backwards. Anyway, the relationship I see is weird because it's kind of mixed. With the three together, I see something like a crime fighting team (investigation team) and friends because how close they seem to be.
(I seriously wanna see Yatagarasu Ver 2.0 with them so bad)

As for the romance part, I only see potential like weirdmisty previously mentioned with Miles and Kay (but only if she's legal; I don't like loli or jailbait stuff. Why am I getting the feeling that I'm gonna get shot?) I really don't see Gumshow with either in that department because at least for Kay, it's more of an uncle feeling with him and with Edgey...well, I got no clue.

But overall, it's a mixture for me.