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Kay, Miles and Gumshoe's relationship would be...

The perfect investigation team
Friends, thick as thieves
A romantic threesome
Other (you might want to explain)

It would be awesome if you guys could also comment and explain your answers (especially if you see their relationship in more than one way). =3

As for me...it would be like friends bordering on family. I love how Miles may seem distant at first, dealing with Kay on strict serious-business terms, but you can see that he genuinely cares for her (especially when he chides her, or when she tells him that he has no sense of fun). Add Gumshoe, who looks up to Miles and looks out for Kay, and it's like she has a dad and an uncle...and at the same time, two close friends.

...I'd make this more tl;dr but I have FINALS XD And, I kept the spoilers to a minimum. If you're going to make spoilery comments, please put warnings. ^^ Just in case.


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I finally bring fic! This comm made me do it.

Title: Packages, Chess and Cafes
Author: austere_flare alias ignitedvoice 
Fandom: Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney (or more specifically, Gyakuten Kenji/Investigations)
Characters: Kay Faraday, Dick Gumshoe, Miles Edgeworth
Rating: G
Warnings: Post-AAI. Sooooo there might be a bit of an implied spoiler here and there.
Summary: Gumshoe drops in one day and is pleasantly surprised to see Kay in Miles' office...learning how to play chess. Randomness, a.k.a. the product of a bored, lazy mind that has hardly any experience writing in the fandom, ensues.

Based on the snippet I wrote for my wonderlandwars application (Kay Faraday)...and possibly also on my escapades as her on dear_mun 

(x-posted to ignitedvoice and gyakuten_saiban)

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Hi, everyone!

The modly and fangirly austere_flare would like to welcome you all to the first (and only?) Miles + Kay + Gumshoe-centric community on Livejournal! Right now the place is pretty bare since we just started out, but we hope to see lots of posts in the near future about our favorite truth seekers and their relationship/s - and perhaps a spiffier profile and a nice comm layout. *hint, hint*

Hope you enjoy your stay!

P.S. I'm also using this as a FAQ post, so if you have any questions or suggestions or Swiss rolls, post away~